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Routines for Peak Performance Sports Articles | July 17 Seahawks Brian Allen Jersey , 2007

Every day of your life, you are either thinking in ways to help you succeed and reach your goals or thinking in ways that limit your success, causing you to move away from goal achievement.

I am certain you have a practice routine you do on most days to build competence in your skills and thus gain confidence. Most great athletes do have specific routines they follow in practice to get better.

Some athletes follow a specific routine to help them prepare for a match or game. They eat the same pregame meal, arrive at the event an hour prior to competition, and engage in a precise warm up they have developed through trial and error.

Other athletes prefer to jump out of the team bus or car and compete right away. One of my recent golf students Seahawks Jordyn Brooks Jersey , for example, has no pregame routine and prefers to go directly to the first tee.

One of the advantages of a routine, beyond getting physically ready, is that it helps you adjust your mindset for peak performance (a mental warm up for competition). A pregame routine helps you get your game-face on.

However, some of my students have taken pregame preparation too far. They try to be so perfect with the execution of a pregame routine Seahawks Darrell Taylor Jersey , and want ideal performance even in warm ups.

One tennis student, for example, had to hit every shot perfectly in warm ups. He was so intense that he thought he had to win warm ups.

You obviously do not need to win warm ups. A warm up routine is a great a time to prepare mentally and physically for peak performance.

But this student became unglued and started to panic when he hit a couple of poor forehands in warm up. This started a chain reaction in his mind. He began to doubt his strokes, "Can I play well today? " This turned into trying hard to fix his strokes in warm ups.

Even before he started the match, he was confused Seahawks Alton Robinson Jersey , doubted his strokes, and was frustrated with his performance. Not the best mindset for successful performance.

Routines are important for your success, but a pregame routine needs to prepare you to perform well, instead of cause you to become a mental wreck before the first play or shot of the game.

The "Confident Athlete Workbook Series" uncovers mental game gems that help you obtain a confident, composed Seahawks Damien Lewis Jersey , and focused mindset prior to competition (the *big* three components of your pregame mental routine).

Nothing is more important when it comes to your mental game than starting the competition already in a winning state of mind. An effective pregame routine, which pops you effortlessly into a confident and composed mindset, helps athletes win every day.


Want to learn simple, proven mental toughness skills that you can apply to competition? Grab my free online mental training newsletter, Sports Insights Magazine - for athletes Seahawks Kyle Fuller Jersey , coaches, and sports parents:


Article Tags: Peak Performance, Pregame Routine

Five Keys to Unclog your Drain in Sunnyvale

Posted On : Sep-13-2011 | seen (162) times | Article Word Count : 494 |

Should you spend enough time inside your kitchen, it's likely that the kitchen drain can get clogged up. If this happens, resist the need to pour a chemical drain cleaner lower the sink Seahawks Stephen Sullivan Jersey , because these are toxic fluids that induce burns for your skin. Steer clear of the chemicals and check out an "eco-friendly" solution by using these steps for unclogging your drain.

1. First, take away the stopper out of your sink after which clean off any debris that might be stuck in the top the drain. Run water to waste to ascertain if will still be clogged up. If it's, fill the sink half filled with water.

2. Get a toilet plunger, place it within the drain, and pump up and lower about few seconds. About the last stroke Seahawks Colby Parkinson Jersey , make sure to lift it rapidly in the drain. When the water drains lower the sink, you already know you've unstopped it. Otherwise, repeat the moving using the plunger several more occasions attempt to obvious the drain.

3. If you cannot clear out the drain using the plunger, the next thing is to spread out in the curved bit of pipe beneath the sink referred to as trap. Put a bucket directly underneath the trap to trap water you are likely to release. Unscrew the plug situated at the base from the trap having a wrench to allow water encounter the bucket. Some traps don't have a plug, and when not Seahawks Freddie Swain Jersey , you will need to take away the trap. Unscrew the 2 coupler nuts mounted on both sides from the trap and clear out any blockage you discover having a bent clothes hanger wire or together with your hands. When you have removed the debris, re-attach the trap or place the plug. Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap NBA Jerseys China Cheap College Jerseys From China Cheap Soccer Jerseys Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys

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